When You Learn What The Two “Dimples” On Your Back Mean, You’ll...

When You Learn What The Two “Dimples” On Your Back Mean, You’ll See People In A Different Light…



Did you know those dimples on your back actually have meaning? It’s true, they do!


Venus dimples are considered both sensual and erotic, hence this is why they are named after Venus, the Roman God of Love!


But for men, they are known as Apollo dimples, named after the Roman God of Light and Sun, Apollo! These dimples are formed by tendons. They grow on the pelvis and are totally genetic in nature.


Unlike many other body parts, our dimples can’t be manipulated through diet or exercise. Turns out, some have them, some don’t. If you don’t, that’s cool. However…


They actually are an indication of good health and circulation since they can be seen much more easily on bodies that have low body fat. So the result is that people with dimples, can actually reach orgasm more easily! This is due to their pelvis having better circulation.


So if you do have Venus or Apollo dimples, you are indeed blessed!

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